The Carol Ann

Fish Tales: Dire things happen when fishermen fail to check the weather forecast

BY Captain Rick Lupton

13282950 - water concept  a sky of clouds reflected in a calm sea

The sea was calm, the sky was clear,
The wind was off the land.
And setting out to sea alone
There went the Carol Ann

The crew was glad to have the day,
For all had made their plans
To cast their nets and fish the sea
And sail the Carol Ann.

But no one knew what lay ahead
Or what was close at hand,
For no one checked the weather map
Aboard the Carol Ann.

And when the sea began to swell
They should have changed their plans.
And when it rained, they might have changed
The fate of Carol Ann.

“‘Tis just a passing squall,” they said.
“Let’s try to make a stand.
No need to turn the ship to shore.
Let’s trust the Carol Ann.”

But when the sky turned dark and grey
They lost all sight of land.
And when the wave broke o’er the bow
It swamped the Carol Ann.

“Now bail the decks and pump the bilge
And muster every man.
We’ve got to try,” the Captain cried,
“To save the Carol Ann.”

And so they tried to save the ship.
But she could not withstand
The howling wind and crashing waves
That grounded Carol Ann.

“Abandon ship and swim for shore,”
The captain gave command.
So all the men jumped in the sea
And swam from Carol Ann.

Then all the crew, the captain too
Were washed upon the sand.
And all survived and no one died.
But what of Carol Ann?

Now somewhere on the misty sea
And many leagues from land,
There sails a ship the sailors call
The ghost of Carol Ann.

The lesson here is plain and clear
That all must understand:
Before you go, be sure you know
What says the weatherman!

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