The Mystery of the Battered Fisherman

Trying to reel in a suspect

BY Susan K. Montague


He was found face down on the sand. 

The manner of death had not been determined, but a large metal rod was found near the body.

The police were not sure how to tackle this case.

They thought they had a line to follow but their informants soon clammed up.

The detectives were floundering. 

They thought the fisherman had been involved in a bait-and-switch scheme or maybe was a loan shark on the side.

The police were about to give up when the murderer, Willie the Worm, turned himself in.

Willie the Worm confessed he was buying frozen fish from the supermarket and the fisherman was selling it as fresh caught. 

The worm was hoping to net a percentage of the profit, but the fisherman was banking it offshore. 

Willie remains in jail awaiting trial. 

His meals are not too bad. 

He’s served  “fresh” fish for dinner.

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