This is an unprecedented and amazing time

BY Pat Bradford


This is an unprecedented and amazing time.

I can’t remember when I have been more encouraged, even though we’re in the midst of a horrific pandemic.

There are positives in these trying times. It’s so inspiring to see our country’s public and private sector pull together to meet this crisis, shoulders to the plow in innovation. Americans have always been one nation, one family, with great character and spirit when we’re attacked.

Every American resident has the opportunity to be a hero by doing their part. For each of us, from young to old, there’s an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the future of our country through shared sacrifice, for as long as it takes. The closing of schools, businesses, restaurants and public places including parks and beach strands is a hardship, but staying at home will save lives — possibly tens of thousands of lives.

I’m thrilled with our President’s White House Coronavirus Task Force’s wartime battle plan to defeat the Wuhan virus in our nation and I believe what they are implementing will turn the tide on this invisible evil. One day soon we’re going to be back to robust prosperity again, but this time, I for sure will be much more grateful.

I believe we were born for such a time as this. Coming together, we can do this and be stronger for it — for our seniors and our future generation.

No matter how long the crisis lasts, our magazine team, working remotely, will continue to create quality stories for your visual and reading entertainment. Furthering our commitment to connection with readers, we expect our all new website to debut any day.

While life right now most certainly is different, it still holds great possibilities. Enjoy spring and with it the Holy Resurrection Sunday season.

Send up prayers for drug therapy innovations and a vaccine, and stay safe.

May His blessing be upon you!


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