BY Pat Bradford

Come aboard for a sail with three Wrightsville families the Whitesideses the Carraways and Baggetts who are equally adept on land or on sea.

Break bread with the Wrightsville Beach Museum board members as they share treasured family recipes set in a museum-quality spread on the cottages back porch. Personally that meal is calling me.

Go down the lane with us to the ancestral creekside home of the McEachern family to experience a summer lifestyle that has all but passed into fond memories of days gone by.

Step back in time to remember dining during Wrightsville s heyday when dressing fine and taking a table at one of the island s hotels was de rigueur for summer guests.

Peak inside the soundfront retreat that earned the coveted National Register of Historic Places designation for one Raleigh family s sensitive restoration of a Sprunt Cottage. Its covered porches are a sublime refuge for whiling away hot summer days.

Don t miss Ces Erdman s tale of the sanctuary he has created for parrots large and small; and the story of Hoggard High School teacher and professional artist William Hubbard.

If you have not already drape your home in flags and break out the watermelons. Enjoy the wonderful summer time on the North Carolina coast.