BY Pat Bradford

Sea glass and vine-ripened tomatoes: two undeniable signs of summer.

This issue is a celebration of summer beginning with 20 things to do either for you or to use as a guide for the company who just happens to come to stay this warm and sunny time of year. It is punctuated with sea glass and ends with tomatoes in savory summer recipes although I believe mayonnaise and white bread is still the best way to eat a summer love apple.

The Outer Banks  late Nellie Myrtle Pridgen is said to be the best beachcomber the state has known and we bring you not only her story but photos of her glorious sea glass collection faithfully preserved as if she just walked out the door.

Three surf stories set the mood for readers to hit the beach. The first profiles artists who used foam and fiberglass for a canvas; next one who saw a broken surfboard as inspiration for yet another artistic medium. Craig Gurganus has minted a career on the heels of adversity (he broke his only board decades ago). Enjoy his wacky art then journey with us to an earlier time when a well-kept secret surf cove anchored the end of the county where a south-breaking wave is still a fond memory for many of the area s Baby Boomer generation of surfers.

Everyone knows June is the month for nuptials and we ve revisited three couples who said I do in June. We featured their weddings in our pages in days gone by and checked in to see how their lives have progressed since their golden days as bride and groom. And you ll not want to miss the story of this year s June bride the 45th maiden to wear the family s fairytale veil.

You have in your hand another very good reason to celebrate the first fine month of summer. Enjoy and be blessed!