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Emerging from the lockup five months and counting into my adventure of life without the use of my left arm finds me at a unique place. I’ll keep you posted.


Pat Bradford
For our July issue three years ago we hired a crew to paint the faces of Harbor Island children for a parade along Live Oak Drive. I had my face painted too. WBM file photo.

As I was digging through pictures from years past of the really fun things that I’ve been privileged to do, like join the Carolina Ocean Studies Masonboro Island trip with a class of Wilmington 5th-graders to hunt crabs, explore the marsh, and learn about barrier islands, I became quite reflective.

I have been trying to find the perfect photo that represents now — even one that was taken in the past — and I’m feeling very red, white and blue.

It is hard to believe, but this is my 20th July issue. We are in unprecedented times, when the principles of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are really being tested. It’s also a time when the fruit of love, joy and peace are desperately needed.

For months now, we’ve consciously worked to create a magazine that’s enjoyable, entertaining and calming for our readers; one that’s representative of the greater community that we live in and love so much.

In this issue you’ll read about the classic Elco wooden boat, a personal favorite; an update on Carolina Ocean Studies and the great progress they’ve made; the amazing woman behind the Hieronymus Brothers; an incredible new home on Harbor Island; and recipes to enjoy veggies straight from the garden, a unique movement called Cook it Forward and more.

Do enjoy our high month of summer as we celebrate the birth of our nation 244 years ago along with the freedoms that we hold so dear.

Peace and blessings,

Pat Bradford, Editor

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