The World According to Queen B

BY Amy Kilgore Mangus

It was an emotional Saturday at Bangz. Beth Quinn 55 cried knowing this moment was the start of a long journey. When Beth a banker at First Citizens Bank was first diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in December 2013 she knew chemotherapy treatments could cause hair loss. Chemotherapy attacks quick-growing cancer cells and because hair follicles also multiply rapidly they too can be destroyed. Chemotherapy drugs cant tell the difference.

Beth didnt want to wake up to the trauma of finding all of her hair on her pillow. When told that she may lose her hair after the second chemotherapy treatment she called Linwood Gainey and Frank Potter at Bangz Salon and Day Spa and told them she wanted her hair shortened and thinned.

One of Beths three daughters Brittany 28 thought it would be a nice gesture and sign of solidarity if she and her sisters also cut their hair. Bethany 30 and Aimee 25 agreed.

Brittany and Amy donated their hair to help make wigs for other cancer patients.

Beth says Its fun seeing my girls enjoying themselves. Seeing the love and support they showed me is priceless.

Brittanys hair is so short.With earrings she looks like Anne Hathaway but without she looks like Justin Bieber Beth says with a laugh.

When Beth pulled out her wallet to pay Frank and Linwood wouldnt accept her money. They happily absorbed the expense. Everyone at Bangz was so kind and amazing she says.

Beth found wig shopping very odd but friend and cancer survivor Mary Barto took charge at Sheilas Wigs where Beth found one that looks almost like her real hair. Shell wear it in public but at home shell be Miss Naturale she says.

Bethany sums it up best: Its just hair; it will grow back. We did it so she knows shes not in this alone.

Beths daughter Brittany started a blog for Beths friends and family to follow her progress.

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