The Mother of All Inventions

BY Peter Viele

It’s a plight faced by millions of parents every single day: getting the kids to help with chores.

An application developed by a Wilmington family aims to solve the problem and financially incentivize children to help around the house. In addition to the obvious chores like taking out the trash there’s a myriad of additional options that the coastal lifestyle affords to get kids excited from washing the boat to rinsing the sand off the beach chairs and surfboards to organizing fishing tackle.

The app Chorez creates required checkpoints for kids to complete such as photo verifications timestamps and before-and-after images. It also supplies a payment platform including a prepaid debit card for each child

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention and Peter Christine Isaac and Marina Robichau had a firsthand need in 2015.

“Two areas where we felt defeated as parents were focused on household chores and finances ” says Christine Co-Founder Mom and Head of Operations. “We wanted our children to help out with family chores and we also wanted them to understand that spending money is tied to hard work. We like most parents hated nagging the kids to do their chores but we normally ended up giving in and footing the bills for those things the kids wanted to buy or do. We knew this was a universal struggle and there had to be a better way to do family chores and earnings. So we set out to crack the code.”

Beginning with an idea in 2017 the family created Cool Organization with a Lame Acronym. COWALA Co. faced the uphill struggle of building a team on a self-funded tight budget from the outset of the proof of concept phase through the product launch of the app in July of 2019.

The area continues to experience a growth in tech-based companies.

“We’ve launched this venture on the coattails of some truly great successful digital businesses in Wilmington ” says Peter Co-founder and Head of Household. Though just launched the app is on track to exceed first-year projections.

“We were crossing our fingers when we flipped the switch and went live but there has been a great deal of market fit validation ” says Peter who brought 20 years of tech experience into the mix. “All of our marketing efforts since our public launch have been organic so we’re pretty comfortable that at scale we have a solid business model.Our goal for the next 12 months is to expand our product offering with additional features. Once we have a stable mature product we’ll start to reach out to private equity partners and institutional investors so we can focus on more rapid growth.”

Chorez is available from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.