Sweet Tooth

BY Amanda Thames

Remember when the most wonderful thing in the world was an ice cream sandwich? It still is. Except now its called a Nyes Cream Sandwich. Christian Nye former executive chef at both Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort and Cape Fear Country Club creates these amazing sandwiches by hand homemade ice cream home baked cookies with the help of his wife Kelly. Some of the most popular flavors are peppermint cookie root beer float strawberry shortcake and smores. This fall the Nyes are hoping to make seasonal flavors such as pumpkin caramel apple and blackberry cobbler. The biggest goal we have is to keep everything family friendly says Kelly. You can find Nyes Cream Sandwiches at Pine Valley Market the Port City Java in Porters Neck and on Market Street and in their very own freezer at the Childrens Museum of Wilmington. Amanda Thames