Storm Savories

Must-have foods when severe weather threatens

BY WBM Staff


White chocolate Oreo candy bars.
— Joel Zuiker

Boiled peanuts, crab legs, chips and salsa.
— Lisa Wayne

Ice cream
— Rhonda Jacobs

Beef jerky.
— Katelyn Benton

Almond butter.
— Valerie L. Robertson

Clam dip, always clam dip. 
— Rufus Temple

Massive quantities of pizza.
— Kim Futrell

Chicken Alfredo.
— Jennifer Lopez

Bananas or banana bread.
— Sydney Jones

White cheddar Cheez-Its.
— Lori Morrow

Flaming Amy’s pineapple salsa & tortilla chips — Yum!
— Lindy Shoaf Allen

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