Savor: Sweet Tooth

BY Sarah Brehm

Theres no other way to say it: BOOMBALATTI’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM (1127 Military Cutoff Road 910-256-8330)
is awesome. Started by owners Michelle and Kevin Maneval 11 years ago Boombalattis rose to local-legend status its very first summer and has stayed there ever since. Why? Perhaps its the bright atmosphere and friendly staff that keeps customers coming back for one more scoop (or three) or maybe its the 26 flavors of handmade-in-the-store ice cream under the glass counter beckoning you ever closer. Our guess is that its both but especially the ice cream. “We use a local dairy source ” says Michelle “and true ingredients.” Cant decide between flavors like funfetti chocolate cream pie triple berry or caramel toffee coffee? No worries. Get em all! The Boombalattis Sampler comes in four or eight “golf ball-sized” scoops of your favorite flavors. Add a handmade waffle bowl for a summer treat that will blow your mind. About the name? “We just wanted a fun word ” laughs Michelle.