Savor – Signature Dish

BY Ashley Newman-Owens

GRAND UNION PUB (opened September 21 2009 at the Forum 910-256-9133) has been dishing up delights since its first day to a plethora of patrons who — judging from the crowds — were chomping at the bit for a new local burger option. The Rodeo Clown Burger has become an instant favorite: seven ounces of Grand Union’s fresh-ground chuck and brisket American cheese barbecue sauce and a heaping pile of onion straws on top — served with house-made cole slaw and your choice of french fries sweet potato fries tater tots or more onion straws. Be sure you heed general manager Mischa Herendeen’s caveat though: “Don’t go pigeonholing! Grand Union is much more than a burger joint.” Stop in and see for yourself. Ashley Newman-Owens