Savor: Chill Out

BY Amanda Raxlin

Strawberry Milkshake
Chunks of ripe juicy strawberries come from Lewis Farms field only feet away from the ice cream stand. The soft milky just-made ice cream provides a perfect contrast for the succulent fruit. This dessert drink is creamy enough to drink through a straw. 6517 Gordon Road

Hurricane Fran
A block away from the beach and down the street from Wings stands Kohls Frozen Custard. This unique shop offers something any dessert lover would demand. The Hurricane Fran a cup of thick creamy frozen custard and a colorful range of bits and crunches is made from North Carolina cows milk. Guaranteed not to cause a brain freeze when quickly devoured. Do not confuse this with ice cream; this is far more velvety and decadent. 92 South Lumina Avenue

The Sonic
Italian ice is the perfect treat for a hot summer day. With an endless possibility of flavors and light refreshing texture everybody can be a flavor creator at Sunset Slush. Choose any combination you want but the most popular is the Sonic. The perfect blend of cherry and lemon-lime makes for a tangy yet sweet blend of densely packed ice infused with syrup served in a cup or a tumbler. 530 Causeway Drive

Aa Smoothie
Fruit smoothies a healthier alternative to a typical cold dessert always prove to be satisfying in the summer. Planet Smoothie blends fresh organic fruit with a kick of protein or energy. In the Aa Smoothie the antioxidant-packed powerhouse fruit is blended with bananas strawberries and apples to create a fruity fiesta. The fresh refreshing juices from the fruit allow this drink to be slurped with a straw or scooped with a spoon. 1427 Military Cutoff Road

Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake
Take yourself back to college with a milkshake similar to no other. Cookout that southern staple of college towns is a convenient drive-through or walk-up stop any time of day. The incredibly thick Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake is a dessert that can feed two so grab a partner and indulge in this creamy blend of rich and sweet chocolate soothing mint flavor. 715 South College Road

Chocolate Milkshake
Flavored with Forbes chocolate one sip of Lewis Farms chocolate shake will send you back in time to happy days at your favorite soda fountain. From Bee Tree Branch in nearby Sampson County Jacksons Dairy provides the all natural cream churned with sugar and real vanilla by Dawn King on site. This reigning ice cream queen learned the craft from Lee Williams who married the farmers daughter. 6517 Gordon Road

Frosted Latte
Nestled into the cool corner of Tower 7 the quaint Caf Del Mar is located only a short block from the ocean. This could be the perfect stop on the way back from a hot day in the sun. If you are in the mood for something light yet flavorful try the Frosted Latte. This smooth icy beverage satisfies both sweet tooth and coffee cravings and tastes like coffee ice cream with a frosted finish. 6 North Lumina Avenue

Hang 10 Smoothie
If you want a sugary treat without all of the guilt order Port City Javas Hang 10 Smoothie. This rich and creamy smoothie is packed with essential fruit to kick start your day in a sweet way. An icy blend of strawberries bananas pineapples and orange juice is infused with sweet all-natural coconut syrup giving all of that fruit a tropical punch. 1900 Eastwood Road

Thai Iced Tea
Send your taste buds to the Far East with Indochines Thai Iced Tea. This brew is not your average tea. Composed of brewed black tea and sweet milk the earthy herbal flavor stands up to the creaminess of the milk. The rich beverage topped with light and fluffy whipped cream is the perfect liquid finish to any day. 7 Wayne Drive