Savor – Cheap Eats: Trolley Stop

BY M.K. Barnes

Since its opening — 36 years ago! — the Wrightsville beach TROLLEY STOP (945 S. Lumina Avenue 910-256-3421) has offered an abundance of awesome twists on the classic hot dog. “We serve a variety of burgers and dogs from Kosher vegan and vegetarian to fully loaded chili cheese dogs ” says manager Torrie Sehauer. By offering people with eating restrictions the chance to partake in the All-American tradition of the hot dog Trolley Stop at all its glorious locations around the Port City has woven itself into the very fabric not to mention the hearts minds and stomachs of locals and tourists alike.

Best Bet:
The Surfer Dog
is piled high with nacho cheese and crispy bacon bits then topped with a single strip of golden mustard. At $2.25 this dog is a “barkin’-bargin.”

All beef and pork Trolley Dogs start at $2.25 and are available with your choice of toppings.

Most Expensive:
At a whopping $3 the Trolley Stop’s classic grilled hamburger delivers restaurant-quality taste with a fast-food price. If you’re tired of paying for extra toppings on your burgers the Trolley Stop is for you. With a choice of more than 17 toppings Trolley Stop is able to accommodate any burger choice without breaking the bank.

The Trolley Stop offers fat-free and vegetarian fat-free hot dogs with a variety of vegan and vegetarian-friendly toppings.

Topped with their original homemade hot sauce sliced jalapeños mustard and nacho cheese the Nuclear Dog promises to wake up your taste buds before during or after a lazy day on the beach.

The Trolley Stop is able to accommodate small or large parties (up to 500) with their mobile cart.

Kitsch appeal:
Classic beach-front surfer-joint hot dog shack that’s been around for decades and is going stronger than ever. No tables inside but plenty of cool places outside to sit and eat dogs and take in the ocean breeze.

Credit Cards:
No (cash and local checks only).