Red Bird: A Photo Essay

BY Allison Potter and Teresa Kramer

The northern cardinal our state bird is one of natures brightest stars and one of the most recognizable of our feathered friends. Keep your feeders full all winter long so that these ornamental songbirds will visit your home. 

Providing Shelter
Cardinals are nonmigratory birds staying in eastern North Caroilna year-round. They prefer taking shelter in dense shrubby areas near forest edges and backyards. When putting your garden to bed for the winter consider this tips:
– After cleaning out flower beds collect all brush and leftover weeds.
– Pile matter together in an area near bushes or shrubbery.
– Leave it there as a place for cardinals and other birds to crash in case of bad weather or emergencies.

Flock to the Feeder
Though they eat a variety of seeds wild fruits and insects the best way to attract cardinals is with black oil or stripped sunflower seeds or a mix like Cardinals Favorite from Wild Bird and Garden. For a fun craft this winter try making a peanut butter pine cone feeder:
– Get a pine cone from your backyard or another outdoor location.
– Spread peanut butter over the entire pine cone.
– Roll the pine cone in Cardinals Favorite until it is entirely coated in bird seed.
– Attach a string to the top of the pine cone and hang outdoors at approximately five to six feet off the ground and very close to shrubs and trees for protection. Courtney Houston