New Hobbies

Creative ways you stayed busy while staying at home.

BY WBM Staff

Woman training dogs on the beach

 Learning piano.
— Venitta Reeves

Home schooling and animal fostering… the schooling is/was new and I’m hoping not to repeat it this fall. 
— Jeanine Pridgen

Long walks with the puppy dog and the kids. 
— Jessica Kirst

Anne and I have been watching our new pet [raccoon] who visits for several hours each day. The raccoon is pregnant, so we await her kits.
—  Howard Garriss

Natural handmade facials.
—  Dori Holt Keen

I began playing tennis again for sanity.
—  Dr. Paul Polarczyk

I’m trying to perfect my version of pimento cheese.
—  Susan Grantier

I’ve taken up championship napping, and we installed a gigantic kiddie pool in the back yard.
—  Kathryn Mayo

Horticulture experiments.
— Angela Wallace

Purchased a bike for the first time in 45 years.
—  Lori Wooten Angel

During the shutdown I started the process of opening a drop shipping business with a couple of my siblings.
—  Ronell Thompson

Adult coloring books.
— Tara Brook

Cooking with my daughter.
—  Margaret Overby

— Tabby Cheyenne

We created lasting memories as my 9-year-old daughter and I created lip syncing videos.
—  Alisha Richardson

Woodwork projects on my wife’s wish list!
—  Ryan Casey

Puzzles, kayaking and remote teaching! 
—  Joy Ingallinera

Releasing a Rhema song wherever the Lord brings me on a journey of peace and restoration!
—  Sara Elizabeth Hauser

Learned how to do Zoom.
—  Ayres Burgess

Jigsaw puzzles! Haven’t done them since I was a kid!
—  Kitty McClellan

Paint-by-number kits. 
—  Lisa Black

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