Muni Fit

BY Pat Bradford with LaMaine Williams and Leo Andrades

Inspired by a desire to get outside to exercise working with personal trainers LaMaine Williams and Leo Andrades we designed an outdoor fitness course that makes use of stationary objects found along Wrightsvilles famed 2.4-mile Loop. Using ordinary benches picnic tables raised curbs bridge railings and even equipment found on a childrens playground we created a municipal fitness routine we call the Muni Fit.

Once your eyes are open to the possibilities the Muni Fit encompasses the notion that practically any fixed object in an urban setting can be used for an outside exercise regimen.

In the process making use of relatively common exercises and even more common fixed objects we have created a fitness routine that is adaptable to any park or municipal setting literally in the world. Once you try it you will never look at a street or parkscape the same way. A vast number of opportunities appear creating a personal exercise routine with a difficulty level tailored to each individual. Its a great workout that can be completed in any order with no rules about starting or stopping. Jump in wherever you happen to be. And as you can see the Muni doesnt have to be a solitary workout.

The Team

Michelle Daniel This doctors wife is a mother of two who is avidly engaged in her fitness.

Lamaine Williams is a full time personal trainer with 12 years of experience who limits his training to women serious about their fitness.

Brenda Hughes This two-time regional Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker has increased her level of fitness with each passing year.

Leo Andrades has been a personal trainer for seven years and is also a holistic life coach.

For Muni Fit map and excercises click here.