Letters to the Editor

BY Readers

Enjoying WBM

I’ve so enjoyed my first glances at the new (October 2017) Wrightsville Beach Magazine. I especially enjoyed Oakdale (“Life After Death – Reviving the 165-year-old Oakdale Cemetery”) and the Mothball fleet (“A Fleet for Liberty”) articles.

— Susan Block

Good job!

I have been a faithful follower of your magazine ever since its inception. I also have been a frequent advertiser. I just wanted to tell you that I have never been more impressed than with the September 2017 issue … from the Scouts and the flag to the New Hanover K9 unit to the firefighters to the New Hanover Animal Services unit to the history of the scuppernong and muscadine … page after page was informative enjoyable and made me SO PROUD to live here. You and your staff deserve a great big thank-you for showcasing our region at its finest. Thank you!

— Patricia Kusek

Staying in Touch

Although we are sporadic visitors throughout the year — mostly summer and
trips in the fall and late winter — we love keeping up via the magazine and
access online. Thanks so much for making that
possible. Having been raised just down the road Wrightsville has always been our home

— Georgena Clayton

Objective Praise

I just want to thank you for the fabulous article you wrote of my work in Wrightsville Beach Magazine (“Abandoning Form and Embracing the Abstract ” November 2017). Kathryn Manis is a gifted writer. I love how she brought all the information and data in regarding non-objective art and explained it as well as naming the fab women painters of days gone by.This was a history lesson as well as my story. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement. We are from Houston and have read Texas and Houston magazines for years.This is right up there with them.

— Peggy Vineyard

Vietnam Vets Speak Out

Wow! These are fantastic stories offering diverse experiences and observations during a unique time in our history (“Welcome Home & Thank You for Your Sacrifice ” November 2017). I sincerely appreciate the opportunity you provided to enable me to share my experiences. Cindy Ramsey is a talented writer and excellent storyteller.

— Steve Cranford

I just love the article. Not just Martin’s but all of the interviewees. Thank you for thinking of Martin in your efforts to thank Vietnam Vets. I was always proud of his service and that service/sacrifice made his lifestyle for 29 years. Rather made OUR lifestyle for 29 years. He and I were married just after he went active duty so now it is 52 years later! Hard to believe it has been so long.

— Ann Beach