Letters to the Editor

BY Staff

Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall

I saw this note and photo about a Wrightsville Beach lifeguard Maj. Wilbur Brown at the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall. It was really emotional to see the tributes to local folks. I watched several women crying as they walked away — might they have lost a son? All these years later the pain still seems so raw. I’m not originally from Wilmington but have heard my Dad tell about his friends who went. One of them happens to be [our] “Bubba ” he served as a helicopter pilot also. He’s 71 today he’s such a fine man — it is so tragic that we lost so many fine people to that conflict. War is heartbreaking.

— Dr. Sarah Pless Wilmington N.C.

Publisher’s Note: Spurred by an unidentified person who left a copy of our July 2019 WBM’s story of helicopter pilot CWO Wayne Lanier at the base of panel 57E (left) I returned the next day with the May 2019 WBM story of Whit Moore and left it at the base of panel Panel 41E. I then returned a third time to leave a scan of the photo above at the base of Maj. Brown’s Panel Panel 4E so that those who knew him as a Wrightsville Beach lifeguard could find him more easily. See the story on page 34. We cannot do enough to honor the sacrifice these 58 313 service members made.

Correction: In WBM’s August 2019’s issue “Friends Fun and Fellowship ” the current reunion photo was from the group’s 40th Anniversary in 2018. This year marked the business school group’s 41st reunion.