Here’s what I wanted to do first!

Our readers share what they are most looking forward to when Covid-19 restrictions are fully lifted

BY WBM Staff

“I want to visit Shell Island Resort. I love the breakfast buffet !” — Jane Stringe

“Catch a sunset concert at Greenfield Lake amphitheater.” — Vance Young

“Be a kid again. Like going to school, playing with friends, playing sports, going places.” — Josiah Capps

“When public parking is restored, my husband Howard Garriss and I want to go shell-and seaglass-hunting on the north end.” —  Anne Russell

“Lay on the beach!” — Ginger Rogers

“As soon as we are allowed, the children, parents and staff of Wrightsville United Methodist Preschool would LOVE to celebrate this school year with our Annual Beach Day!” — Ruth Cotton


“I’m most looking forward to saying “yes” when my 2-year-old, Thomas asks if we can go to the playground, if we can go to the library, if we can go to gymnastics.” — Ace Cofer

“I really just want to sit outside at one of our wonderful waterfront restaurants, eat some fresh seafood, drink a cold beer and catch up with friends. Some live music would make it perfect.” —  DL Rogers

“I would like to travel although I will say we are all so lucky to live in this beautiful place called Wrightsville Beach. It was not too bad to shelter in New Hanover County. I am over it now and ready for everything to be back to normal.” — Zeke Partin

“The first weekend back I am going to do a food and drink tour of every business in Wrightsville Beach that I have missed enjoying so much.” — Hunter Young

“Go see my mom.” — Glenda Howard.

“If I could, I’d take off and travel.” — Melanie Spencer

“Go to church.” — Larry Florea

“I have been dreaming about chips, salsa and anything for dinner with picante sauce from Tower Seven.” — Jeff Loveless

“Me? Probably go somewhere else, I like it here when it’s not crowded.” — John Chaney

“The first thing I will do is dig my toes in the soft, warm sand and just listen to the roar of the ocean. I’ve never been so close yet felt so far.” — Edith Kurie

“Have a lovely dinner at Bento Box on a Friday night in the enclosed patio. Heaven!” — Halley White

“I am looking most forward to seeing all of my neighbors. In addition to losing most of our business, I really missed fellowship with friends.” — John Andrews

“All I want to do is sit on the beach and watch my granddaughters play in the sand. (Well, then maybe go eat outside at the Oceanic or Fish House.)” — Steve Weaver

“European vacation!” — Michael Ross Kersting

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