Good Vibrations: Stoked

BY Marimar McNaughton and Emmy Errante

What is so special about Wrightsville Beach a tiny walk-around surf town that ranks it among Surfer Magazine’s Top Ten US Surf Towns National Geographic’s World’s 20 Best Surf Towns and Thrillist’s 14 Best Small Beach Towns in America? This spring one of five local surf shops found its name on the Surf Collective NYC as one of the world’s top 22 surf shops.

We know it’s not the waves so maybe it’s the clean ocean water or beautiful sandy beaches. Or maybe it’s the vibe.

It has been said the Wrightsville Beach vibe welcomes all surfers to its lineup. It has also been said by surfers in far-off distant places that Wrightsville Beach surfers are known the world over for their aloha spirit.

Whatever the reason we’re pumped!

 1. Aussie Island

Founded 1990

Founder Dean Lassiter

Current Owners Dean Lassiter & Chris Jackson business partner.

Surf Team

Keith Boswell

Ryan Bowie

Amanda Evans

Tyler Faulkner

Trevor Francis

Bryce Francis

Preston Frieze

Peter Gloss

Elijah Gloss

Jesse Heter

Jacob Laham

Deonna Murray

Catherine Neff

Airlee Picket

Jo Pickett

Darsha Pigford

Dale Pigford

Daniel Saachi

Johan Sanchez

Colin Shovlin

Kirby Smith

Leah Thompson

Daniel Thompson

Mason Yohe

2. Surf City

Founded 1978

Founder Roy Turner

Current Owners Mike Barden

Surf Team

Evan Barton

zack bland

Jack Brandon

Carly Carter

Nash Conner

Richard gilligan 

sean griffin

knox harris

will harris 

fisher heverly

jed jeffery

cody leutgens 

drew mceachern

jonathon mincher 

dillon mincher 

gabe morvil 

vance morvil

colin peterson

nick rupp

sam svenson

pete viele

3. The Annex Surf Supply

Founded 2013

Founders/current owners Mike Barden & Chris Batten

Surf Team

Mason Barnes

Nick Bland

Chris Curry

4. South End

Founded 2009

Founder/current owner Jeffrey DeGroote

Surf Team

Jason Andre

Sam Baker 

Cobi Christiansen 

Silas Clemmons 

Michael Foard 

Sean Herman 

Hunter Heverly 

AC Hoover 

Brandon Mitchell 

Alexander Rockrise

Jacob Venditti 

Tyler Weeks 

5. Sweetwater

Founded 1976

FounderS Jim and Diane Skiba

CURRENT Owners Chuck Bourgeois Danielle Bourgeois and Shana Bourgeois

Surf Team

Todd Bostian 

Ben Bourgeois 

Dillon Brown 

Julia Eckel

Madeline Eckel

Tristen Harbowy 

Savannah Huckabee 

Madison Huckabee

Dylan Kowalski

Conner Lester 

Greg Lew

Owen Moffitt 

Owen Moss

Bo Raynor

Jake Raynor

Jesse Raynor

Ross Stevens