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Fitness Challenge How far theyve come

When three of us decided that 2011 was the year fitness needed to become a priority in our lives we couldnt imagine the transformations that were about to take place. Only three months into our fitness challenge and we can honestly say … OMG!

Name: Patricia E. Matson
Occupation: Staff Writer Lumina News
Age: 44
Trainer: Brian Bohrer Urban Fitness

Update: This fitness challenge has already made a tremendous difference in my life. Three months in and I am halfway to my goal of losing 50 pounds. But far more important than how I look is how much better I feel.

I have a lot more energy both in short bursts and in endurance. I am stronger and more flexible. Im breathing better and even sleeping better. In the gym Ive more than doubled my crunches and push-ups and Im starting to do a lot of cardio and other exercises that I couldnt have tackled before.

Out in the real world I can go up several flights of stairs without getting out of breath or carry a case of half-liter water bottles without straining and Ive cut my Loop walking time to 50 minutes from an hour.

Name: Pat Bradford
Occupation: Editor/Publisher Wrightsville Beach Magazine & Lumina News
Age: 58
Trainer: LaMaine Williams Lumina Fitness

Update: Personal trainers are certainly not overrated. Training with LaMaine has made a world of difference in my strength agility and balance just two and a half months into it.

Im sleeping well. Ive not dropped much weight yet but my clothes fit better and Ive noticed some definition. Joining my church in a corporate fast for the first 40 days of the year (giving up meat and sugar) challenged me to honor my sacrifice while taking in enough protein to have the strength to go an hour with LaMaine two days a week. I am back on TFM rotisserie chicken and hope the weight starts to drop soon but to do that Ill have to stay out of that new donut shop on Old Causeway. Two of my earliest goals have been achieved including conquering my fear of the balance ball as you can see in the photo. A new goal is to get back out onto the tennis court after a 35-year absence we see that as doable and the town has tennis courts. How blessed can a girl be?

Name: Marimar McNaughton
Occupation: Homes Editor Wrightsville Beach Magazine and Managing Editor Lumina News
Age: 55
Trainer: Nick Kentrolis The Crest

Update: Of the last 120 days Ive spent half of them at The Crest. The visits are more frequent and each grows longer. Thats been the biggest shift in the past 60 days. I discovered I couldnt live without it.

At the mid-point the anomalies associated with owning an overweight 55-year-old body cried out in pain. There is congenital scoliosis (a moderately curved spine) combined with a pelvic tilt (the right hip is higher than the left hip; the right leg is about half an inch longer) that causes chronic lower back pain. When paired with a torn meniscus (the outer muscle near my right kneecap) Im in a state of constant agony that varies by degrees.

Thats the worst of it.

The best part is having Nick Kentrolis for a trainer. He owns The Crest so he is always there when I need him to cheer me up and cheer me on. Each time I settle into a routine he increases the cardio weights and rotations; and when Im there in the zone Im pain free.

Touch of Elegance Art of the Table event kicks off the Bellamy Mansions 150th anniversary celebration

The Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design Arts (503 Market Street 910-251-3700) presents Art of the Table a wonderful weekend focused on elegantly set tables and the grandeur of Bellamy.

“We want to display the areas finest work while honoring the beauty and architecture of the Bellamy Mansion ” says Debby Gomulka the event chair and vice chairperson of Bellamys board of directors.

As one of the Bellamy Mansions largest (and most popular) fundraisers the event presents the talents of the areas top designers artists florists boutiques hotels and event planners. All of the tablescapes throughout the Bellamys 12 rooms are decorated by different vendors.

At the same time Art of the Table celebrates the 150-year history of one of the best examples of antebellum architecture in North Carolina. The Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the mansions social and architectural history.

The kickoff event is Thursday March 10 at 6 p.m. with dinners hosted at selected homes and inns in Historic Downtown Wilmington. The evening continues at the Bellamy with a cocktail party and tour. Reserved tickets are $75 per person.

Also as part of the weekend there will be a Tea at the Bellamy on Friday March 11 from 2-4 p.m. Enjoy tea with sandwiches and snacks then walk through the Mansion to view the tables. The cost is $25 per person and reservations are required. General admission to Art of the Table is $15.

For reservations or more information visit the Bellamy website:  Molly Grennan