Azalea Festival Gardens 2017

BY Cape Fear Garden Club

510 Surry Street

Cameron -Hollman House

Mike McCarley & Nancy Langevin

The garden of the historic Cameron-Hollman house located on the banks of the river in the shadow of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge includes foundation walls from the 1919 Broadfoot Iron Works which provide a framework to a park-like open lawn on the lower level (previous pages). The two-story balconies at the rear of the house combine Victorian and Federal styles. The formal garden uses sheared boxwood hedges to frame the lawns that meander across three waterfront lots. Large rose gardens highlight the landscape.

423 South Front Street

Mc Clammy-Powell House

Gregg Thomas & Tom Faust

Shaded seating areas fountains and statuary are distinctive of the garden at the McClammy-Powell house built circa 1914. A brick wall creates a classic perimeter while a trough planter spilling over with petunias and phlox adds vibrancy.

6252 Turtle Hall

Dr. Joshua & Karen Vogel

Lily pads and water lily blossoms float in this secluded garden’s waterfall feature. A weeping willow overhangs the backyard intricately landscaped with walkways and plants of varying height and texture including chamaecyparis loropetalum and amaryllis.